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FIRKCOAL is the 2019 version of Firkin model from CASK series. This acoustic Cigar Box Guitar stands out for its double sound hole with wood cover and will surprise you with its power and reactivity. It is also the ideal travel companion.

CASK Guitar

By shapes


We wanted to pay tribute to the Cigar Box Guitar, an iconic musical instrument. The original design and specific scale length of these guitars give them a unique sound and temper. Their peculiarity also comes from the number of strings – four for the CASK – which allows to easily explore numerous alternate tunings. This will add to your sound arsenal and take you to new musical heights!

CASK Series

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For whisky makers, choosing a cask is crucial : its size and wood type determine the smell, the taste, the attack and sustain of the whisky. This explains why there are so many varieties of whisky. At J.N Guitars, we believe that producing whisky and making a guitar are similar crafts as the shape of the body and the selected wood species give the instrument a specific sound and character. CASK therefore emerged as an obvious name for our Cigar Box Guitars.